Private Meditation Coaching

Through meditation coaching sessions, together, we can create a repertoire of meditation tools and techniques that really suit you. I can coach you into developing your own healthy meditation practice… one that you LOVE.


Private Yoga Instruction

Tailor made classes to suit you and your needs. Either in-person or via video-call. More info


9 week program - Customised Meditation

Combining the transformative power of Private Meditation Coaching and an online training platform with simple practices allows you to radically transform your life through Yoga and Meditation. Schedule a call To find out more and learn if this is the right fit for you.

Customised Meditation for Self-Leadership

9 week Program

Are you struggling to maintain your own well-being and clarity of mind?
Is stress effecting your sleep? Your relationships? Your sense of calm?
Have you tried meditation but just couldn’t stick to it?
I offer meditation coaching to tailor a customised set of tools and techniques that really work for each individual.

I have created a program filled with practical tools and resources, micro-meditations and helpful insight to support you to lead yourself more effectively.

Using this program, you will be most of service to your colleagues, your family and the organisation that you lead.

Fill in the form below to schedule a call with me and  learn more about my evolutionary 9 week program.

Why Meditation Coaching?

Create a style that suits you

Most people end up being taught and then practicing a style of meditation that is not aligned with their own unique inner ecology. Oftentimes, the outcome of practicing a style that doesn’t feel natural to you is that you will either give up or continue but miss out on the benefits. Through coaching, we discover your own natural style and create tools that are uniquely yours.

Create a meditation you love

Practicing the wrong style of meditation can feel irritating or boring or just another thing on your to-do-list and something you need to apply discipline to. With a series of coaching sessions, we can create a customised set of tools and techniques that you love and do not feel like a chore, rather they feel effortless and refreshing.

Saves you Time

People can waste months, years, even decades trying to truly embrace a healthy meditation practice. With customised coaching , you can feel the benefits straight away. In just a few sessions, you can develop a deep understanding of this therapeutic practice.

Schedule a free consultation

I’m offering a FREE 45 min consultation to see if this meditation coaching program aligns with your goals and visions.

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Free Yoga and Meditation on YouTube.

Free Yoga and Meditation on YouTube.
  • Free Yoga and Meditation on YouTube.

    Free Yoga and Meditation on YouTube.

Free Yoga and Meditation on YouTube.

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